BoardUp Longboard V3.2

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BoardUp® stands up (literally) to any competition. Grab one of these boards and you’ll never have to look for a place to lean it. Also, purchase with a peace of mind knowing we offer a 30-Day Return Policy.   Shipping speed: DHL or UPS 3-6 days Domestic. DHL or UPS 3-7 days  international. except: Russia(20days).

BoardUp® V3.2 has improved Deck by adding one glass fiber layer. it comes pre-assembled with the following:

– 33″ Canadian Maple Wood Deck
– Trucks 6″ Kingpin( can be replaced by any standard trucks)
– Patented Aluminum Alloy Locking Hinge with kickpad on nose. Improved
– Elastic PU 75 mm x 51mm high re-bounce Wheels with high-end ABEC-9 Bearings(Improved)
– Kick/fold is more reliable and easier then V2
– Middle hinge is much more difficult to touch ground when turning sharply. and locked more tightly.

(The distance between trucks are 2 inches farther than standard 32″ longboards)

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V3.2 has deck improved by adding one layer of Glass fiber.

BoardUp® V3.1 has following improvement.

  • Bearings are in higher quality. ABED-9.
  • Wheel is 75mm instead of 70mm. it is high re-bounce resilient, Together with better bearings. BoardUp is now can run 40-60% longer with one kick.
  • Deck is slightly improved. Added a metal sheet in middle. more stiff. supports wheel size 70mm, 75mm, 80mm,81mm,( width < 53mm)
  • Riser pad is 2mm thicker. Now it is 4mm.
  • The truck is 4mm taller. and the kingpin is less tilt. so it can support sharper turn. Hinge wont touch the ground easily when making sharp turn.
  • Improved middle hinge makes locking more precise and tight. no wobble, won’t feel small gap between the locked two piece of hinge.
  • Re-designed the kickpad, so that user can replace both truck with his/her favorite ones. and cable won’t snap no matter how big the kick force applied.
  • Kicking and folding is easier. as the deck opening on the nose for kickpad is 6mm wider then V2.
  • Changed the way to adjust the cable tension for maintenance. It is easier now. just turn the nut linked with cable end under the kickpad

We received a lot of compliments from V3.1 customers. It the best skateboard for commuters and college students.


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